Sunday, June 29, 2008

OCMD '08

Evelyn had a great time at the beach this year. And not just because of the emergency vehicles with sirens blaring that drove past at eight minute intervals.

At the Beach

Most of her hours were spent digging big holes in the sand,

In the Sand

sitting on her beach chair,
Beach Bum

or hanging out in the pool.

Hanging Out in the Pool

She also played her first round of mini golf and scored a hole-in-one on number 16 (below is a picture of her tap in for bogey on the first hole).
Tap In

We finished up our vacation with some ice cream at the boardwalk.
Boardwalk Cone

Add to all of this a new big girl travel bed and being allowed to eat dessert every day, and it's no wonder Evy declared, "I love the beach!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Berry Picking

Trax Farms has more than just pumpkins. This morning Evelyn visited their strawberry fields. She carefully inspected each berry before deciding whether to pick it or leave it.

Picking Strawberries

It didn't take long to fill up her special basket.
Carefully Selected Berries

Of course, the best part about strawberry picking is strawberry eating.
Strawberry Tasting

And with all of the eating Evy did, we may have to go back tomorrow to pick some more...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reading And Relaxing

Evy likes to relax while she's reading. That could mean climbing up on the big comfy chair in the living room, sitting on someone's lap, or dragging her rocking chair over to the ottoman so she can put up her feet.

Reading & Relaxing