Sunday, September 17, 2006

How About Sweet Potatoes?

Since rice cereal was such a big hit, we thought it was time to start giving Evelyn some real food. (Let's be honest - single grain rice cereal is not real food). I was hoping to start with pepperoni pizza, but I was outvoted 2 to 1. Both Steph and Evy's doctor thought it was a bad idea. What? I was going to cut it into small pieces...

Anyway, sweet potatoes it was. The first couple bites went down just fine, but then Evy's taste buds realized what was going on. This stuff was not rice cereal. But did she like it?

Sweet Potatoes

Not so much.

We're not sure if it was because of the taste, the color, or the fact that it was not pepperoni pizza, but Evy didn't seem sold on the sweet potatoes. I could have predicted this, as I don't like them either. I was trying to tell you all from the beginning.

Now, the number for Papa John's is around here somewhere...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Evelyn is six months old today! We were going to celebrate by giving her half of a piece of cake, but the only solid food she's had so far is rice cereal. She seems to like it, but trust us - it doesn't taste very good.

Looking Over Her Shoulder

Evy heads back to the doctor for her checkup (and more shots) on Thursday. We also need to get her six month picture taken. Hopefully that process will be finished before it's time to eat her real birthday cake...

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Ready For Some Football

"The Steelers kick off the NFL season tonight against the Miami Dolphins. It's the first real game since they won the Super Bowl in February. I'm pretty excited about it."

Ready for Some Football

"I mean, I was a Steelers fan before I was born, but I have never even seen a game! That all changes tonight, though."

"Of course, 8:30pm is past my bed time, so I may have to wait until next week to actually see them play."

"If the parent people would let me have the remote, I would already be watching pre-game coverage. I've been practicing waving my terrible towel and singing the "Here We Go" song.

I'm ready for some football!

How about you?"

Saturday, September 2, 2006

A Big Week

Evelyn has had an action packed week. Here is a rundown of her latest accomplishments:
  • Cutting her first tooth (with the second already on its way)
  • Sitting up by herself for 30 seconds before falling over
  • Having her formerly crazy hair now tamed and flat
  • Army crawling her way to get electronic equipment (tv remote, cordless phone, etc.)
It's no wonder she's so tired.


Evy also tried out her new role as big cousin. Actually, just older cousin - Ben is almost as big as she is.

Evelyn & Benjamin

At this rate, you never know what she'll accomplish next. We'd better make sure the video camera battery is charged at all times.