Monday, January 23, 2006

Lamaze I

We had our first Lamaze class tonight. It was very interesting to say the least.

It kind of felt like we were back in school. The class was made up of some jocks, some nerds, a few cool kids, a couple straight out of the 1970's, and a teacher's pet. But our classmates weren't the only things that were just like junior high. We also passed visual aids around the room. And when the teacher asked a question, no one said a word. We even dimmed the lights at one point to watch a few videos.

At least this time through they had the courtesy to let us bring some pillows.

What amazed me is that there was only one break during the two hour long class. You would think that having eight pregnant ladies stuck in the same place might warrant a few more opportunities to use the rest room, but they all did OK.

Near the end we broke out the blue gymnastics mats and tried some relaxation techniques. I'll share.

First, tense up your forehead and then release that pressure. Do the same with your neck. Then your shoulders. Just breathe deeply and let all of that tension flow out through your toes. Now, try to remain relaxed as 2 janitors yell at each other while having a squeaky-wheeled mop bucket race in the adjoining lobby.

Kind of calms your whole self down, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

2 Months To Go

We only have 2 months left!

Two Months to Go!

As you can tell, the green argyle sweater is getting pretty tight. It's a good thing we only have a couple more sets of these pictures left to take.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The Name Game

When you are expecting a baby, everyone wants to know two things.

1. Is it a boy or girl?

2. What names are you thinking about?

As you may already know (and much to the dismay of others), we chose not to find out the gender of the baby. I will tell you that we have it narrowed down to two possibilities.

Baby names, however, are a bit different. There are a few more to pick from.

We have talked about unique names, popular names and family names. We have heard thousands of ideas from friends and family, and looked at tens of thousands of names in various books. Here are the finalists for each gender that we have whittled down from so many options:



As you can see, we still have some work to do. We really have no front runners. We actually don't have any lagging behinders either.

Since we are having trouble coming up with any names that we like, last night we asked the baby to kick (in morse code, of course) the name that he or she would like to have.

The baby responded with "jtkzq."

We don't really like that either.