Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NHL Playoffs

Evelyn's mullet is coming in nicely - and just in time for the hockey playoffs, too. She's been working on it since she was born...

Hockey Game

To go along with the theme, she also has a scratch above her eye. And no teeth.

Hockey Fight

Apparently her favorite part of the sport was the fighting. Which is too bad, because now Steph will never allow her to watch another game. Maybe if the Penguins make the playoffs next year she'll get another chance. But I doubt it.


  1. If you plan to really get involved in the hockey fights, make sure you don't have your thumb tucked into the fist. Keep it on the outside. Otherwise, it might get broken. You might want to borrow the goalie's equipment, also. It would be a little more protection for you--you could probably hide in a shin guard, or in the big mask.

  2. My god, the hair! I can't get over it. She's SO cute!!