Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finishing Touches

With the inside finished, we had an opportunity this weekend to put some Christmas decorations outside. We had some help.

Christmas Garland

The snowsuit might have been a little much, as it would have had a hard time snowing with temperatures nearing 50 degrees, but she looked cute anyway.

Bow Placement

With the garland strung and the bows straightened, Evy is officially ready for her first Christmas. Only two more weeks to go!


  1. She's not quite ready, is she? She still has to go see his big, red, oneness: the Claus. How else will he know what she wants for Christmas.

  2. Look quickly because the bows will not be straight for long. And if left alone, the decorations will not be on the tree. Having Evy is almost like having a cat, as neither one can leave things alone. She looks as though she is excited for Christmas. Great pictures! Thanks

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! She is so adorable and such a good little helper! I REALLY miss you!!!

    Merry Christmas!