Saturday, January 13, 2007

Car Show

The front window in our living room is only about eighteen inches off the floor. This means that Evelyn can pull herself up on the windowsill and look outside. She likes to watch the cars and trucks drive by.
Car Game

She makes "vroom, vroom" noises on her way to the window, while she's waiting for a car, and when she finally sees one. Actually, her noises sound more like a motorcycle or a monster truck than a Ford Taurus. Have a listen:

She has a great time but the spit spray creates a bit of a mess. Can you tell the car show has become one of her favorite activities?

At the Window

We also play the color game with the cars that pass out front. Each vehicle is worth one point. Here is the breakdown by player:

Evelyn: silver/grey
Steph: green
Me: all other colors

I got to pick last.

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  1. Again, an environmental/hereditary link. The same little girl (now grown) loved to stand and watch the cars on San Juan Drive, and make the same car noises. The advantage she had was that there was a shelf in front of the bow window, and she could lean her elbows on the shelf. She also liked to climb on the shelf, to get closer to the window and the cars! Like mother, like daughter!