Sunday, February 4, 2007

Still At It

Evelyn did not stop with the clearing out of the pantry. Earlier this week she moved on to her bedroom. We had asked her to clean up the shelves. Maybe she thought we said to clean them off...

Messy Room

Then Evy continued her path of destruction to the living room. Just this morning she figured out how to open her toy box all by herself. She started taking stuff out of there immediately.

Toybox Diving

We wondered what she was digging for until she finally surfaced with something - her football.

Football Find

Which makes sense.

It is Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. Dear Evy, Have your mother teach you the "clean up" song. Then you can put the toys back when you have found what you need from your toybox. You can put the books back as you read them, or when Mom reads them to you. And the rest--get used to it Mom. Toys happen. Good luck!

  2. Ha ha ha ha! The football. The cutest part is just that innocent look of "What, did I do something?"