Friday, August 31, 2007

Art Studio

Evelyn has new favorite activity. She loves to color. Inspiration usually comes while sitting at her picnic table in the family room.

Happy Art

Evy is very passionate about her art. In fact, she learned very quickly that the harder you press, the brighter the colors.

Crayon Effort

This masterpiece is entitled Ocean, 2007, wax crayon on paper.


It also contains a baseball and a triangle. She seems to be leaning toward abstract expressionism in her early works.


  1. Dear Evy, Your artwork is beautiful. We noticed that you are left-handed in your early career. I think left-handed people are probably more creative, so you should be successful in your passionite endeavors. Keep up the good work. Maybe your Aunt Julie can help you in your artistic ventures.

  2. Dear Evy,

    I have to tell you that the picture of you trying harder to make the color darker inspired me, I was having a stressful, trying week at work, so I printed the picture of you with that determined look on your face. I keep it on my desk and every time I feel that I can't go on any longer, I look at it, and know I have to try harder. It brings a smile to my face & life is a little easier.

    Thank you little one!

    your great, great aunt Marcia

  3. Awaiting the circle... and the tadpole...

    Love ya Evy.

    :) Aunt Ju-Ya