Monday, October 1, 2007

Animals Everywhere

Zoo Sign

Evy went to the zoo for the first time this morning. She had a great time seeing all the real animals that she has just read about in her books.

This fish was almost as big as Evy. I wonder how it felt about being called "fishie."

Big Fish

Not a real turtle.
Turtle (Statue) Ride

After she watched the sea lions swim underwater, we got to see them do tricks for their lunch. She cheered and clapped her hands as they waved and did flips around the pool.

Underwater View

Sea Lions

You might think that was her favorite part of her first zoo experience. But if you ask Evy, she'll tell you it was the garbage truck. Or the elevator. Or the giant metal turtle.

At least the last one is an animal.


  1. Wow! What great pictures! Evy looks so big and grown up. She must have had a wonderful time. And how cool that you could all go to the zoo on a Monday morning! Maybe she will see some deer when she comes to Grandma and DoDad's house. Thanks for sharing the zoo trip.

  2. The picture of Evy and the big fish was the best picture I have ever seen of Evy! And I appreciate how the last part said I wonder how it felt being called "fishie." And I hope you can take more pictures like that. And the best picture I have ever seen is that one.

    I love you!

    Love, Jackson