Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guitar Heroine

Evy has taken her love of music to the next level. She still likes to listen, dance, and sing along, and she has recently added "air guitar" to her musical activities, so the next logical step was - Guitar Hero™.

Here she is jamming in her eighties rock star outfit, complete with mesh sleeves, spandex and a side ponytail.
Guitar Hero

Evy is pretty good (on easy mode), but she has a long way to go to reach the star power attained by her father and Uncle Tim...

Guitar Heroes

Rock on!


  1. It's official... we are all nuts... including Evy too!

    Hahah! What a fun night!

    ps Evy, Rock on baby!

  2. Admit it. Steph's been saving those clothes since the 8th grade.

  3. Evy, You look like you know what you are doing! Maybe you should get the rhythm sticks and jingle bells down first before you learn to play the guitar. You need to put some clothes on your belly! Brrrrr. Very cute. Grandma C.

  4. Once Evy masters Cherub Rock on easy, we'll move on to the solo split leg jump, followed by the more advanced, more dangerous tandem split leg jump as so masterfully demonstrated in your photograph...

    She's on the fast track to Guitar Hero stardom.

  5. What an incredible outfit Evy has on...Rock on Girl!

    Also - an AMAZING shot of you two in the AIR...WoW!!