Thursday, August 21, 2008

Firemen's Fair

The local volunteer fire company has a carnival every year. This year it was held within walking distance (at the neighborhood elementary school), so we decided to check it out.

I still have no idea what all was there. We never made it past the fire trucks that were parked near the entrance.
Fire Engine

We walked around the fire trucks, looked inside the fire trucks, and even sat on the back of a fire truck.

It got dark. We went home.

Evy thought it was a great carnival.

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  1. Your love for fire trucks probably comes from your Grandma C., who grew up across the street from two very noisy fire trucks. The advantage of this was that all you had to do was walk across the street to look at their chalkboard to see where the fire was! Then you could decide if you wanted to go see all the fire trucks in action at the fire! Maybe you can be a volunteer firefighter when you get bigger! I'm glad you had fun at the carnival!