Sunday, October 30, 2005


We're halfway there! There are only 4 1/2 months to go, and we have a lot to do in that amount of time. We have already accomplished, well, just about nothing to get ready for the baby.

To celebrate the midpoint of the pregnancy (and at the constant urging of others), we decided to start a registry today at the real Babies "R" Us store. Real meaning that it is an entire store by itself and not a few aisles tucked in the back of a Toys "R" Us. All of those toys in one place seem to be a little distracting for this father-to-be.

Babies "R" Us had different plans for us. As we approached the store the first things we noticed were the big, handmade signs proclaiming the "Baby registry not working today." Apparently they were having some computer issues. No one could create, change, view, or print a registry. Oh, well.

So we just walked around and became very overwhelmed. Do we really need a baby wipe warmer? Why are there 36 strollers to pick from? Where are all of the big kid toys? Sorry, that last one was just me.


  1. We are happy you are considering signing up for some baby things. This will make it easier to choose presents for the arrival-to-be The big kid toys are the items YOU need to assemble. Have a good time! Grandma C.

  2. No, you don't need a baby wipe warmer.

  3. You don't need a baby wipe warmer. Good luck on picking a stroller. And a crib. And a carseat. And a play yard. And...

    You get the idea. Actually, check out this book: "Baby Bargains" by Denise & Alan Fields. Look for the 5th edition. Sure, your head will explode after you read each detailed section on each major purchase, but it will make your head less likely to explode when you actually register for things at Babies R Us.

    Oh, and the insanity doesn't stop when the baby is born. Or when she turns 1. Or when you know a second is coming. Or....

    You get the picture.

  4. You already have a baby wipe warmer... it's called your hand.

    Registering was actually fun for me. You know I hate shopping, but I got to carry around the laser gun (scanner) and shoot the tags on everything we wanted. And yes, I made the classic gun sound fx ("peoww peoww... peoww")

    It takes a while (like 5 minutes) to get over registering for things you would never buy yourself; but in the end, it's better than leaving it up to the excited relatives to pick out stuff you don't like.