Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The Name Game

When you are expecting a baby, everyone wants to know two things.

1. Is it a boy or girl?

2. What names are you thinking about?

As you may already know (and much to the dismay of others), we chose not to find out the gender of the baby. I will tell you that we have it narrowed down to two possibilities.

Baby names, however, are a bit different. There are a few more to pick from.

We have talked about unique names, popular names and family names. We have heard thousands of ideas from friends and family, and looked at tens of thousands of names in various books. Here are the finalists for each gender that we have whittled down from so many options:



As you can see, we still have some work to do. We really have no front runners. We actually don't have any lagging behinders either.

Since we are having trouble coming up with any names that we like, last night we asked the baby to kick (in morse code, of course) the name that he or she would like to have.

The baby responded with "jtkzq."

We don't really like that either.


  1. How about .....


  2. Hey, Anagram Boy, how about taking your narrowed down list of names and plugging them into an anagram solver to see which one makes the coolest word or phrase.

    Girl: Ruby Naebow
    Boy: Barney Buow
    Anagram: Our New Baby

    We also asked Hannah what she thought her new cousin's name should be. Her answer was: Ooh Ooh Oopie (Ooh Oopie for short)