Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back To The Beach

We ventured out the beach again on Monday afternoon and had much better success. We lasted almost an hour and Evelyn slept for a majority of that time, despite sandstorm velocity winds.

Beach Nap

Yesterday, a thunderstorm forced us to the OC Outlets for some bargain shopping.

But today was the best beach day yet. We were out for an hour and a half this afternoon and it seemed like Evelyn had some fun. As much fun as you can have under an umbrella which is under a beach canopy, anyway.
Under the Umbrella

Beach Smile

Up next: boogie boarding.

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  1. Welcome to Ocean City. We hope you had a good time. You will enjoy the water and sand much more next year when you can jump the waves and build a sand castle. Thanks for coming to vacation with all of us. Grandma and DooDad.