Friday, June 30, 2006


We finally had success at the Target Photo Studio! And today's sitting lasted just one hour, start to finish.

Evelyn was asleep when we first got there, so we figured that we might get a cute "napping baby" picture. But she woke up as soon as we entered the store, so we figured that we'd have a screaming kid and another failed attempt.

But today was the day. Of course, there are no pictures posted here because they are copyrighted. And because we won't have them in our hands for 2 1/2 weeks.

Here is the final tally for her first set of professional portraits:
  • 15 snaps of the camera
  • 12 cookies (for the patient photographer)
  • 7 1/2 hours of total time in the studio
  • 6 screaming fits (by Evelyn)
  • 3 separate visits
  • 3 feedings
  • 2 different outfits
  • 2 diaper changes
  • 1 crazy "helping" lady
  • 1 photographer headed to a much needed vacation
We also joined the Target Portrait Club, complete with membership card. So we'll probably be back to try this all again at some point in the next two years. We just hope that it won't be a hit or miss process that is drawn out over two weeks again - we're out of target clich├ęs.

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