Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"Check this out! It appears that these things are attached to the bottoms of my legs."

Finding Her Feet

"Cool, huh? Other than rolling over, these are now pretty much all I think about when I'm laying down. Hope you've discovered yours, too. They're fun."


  1. I think I have those things attached to my legs, also. However, I can no longer put them in the air and touch mine like you can. Putting shoes on them is hard enough--I think they get farther away as you get older.Ahhhhh--to be limber and flexible like a baby. Pretty soon you will discover that your hands can work to pull you up. Then walking==and the fun starts! Love, Grandma C.

  2. gosh. i did that pose in yoga class about a month ago. it's called 'happy baby' -- there ya go, evy, doin' yoga and you didn't even know it!