Thursday, September 7, 2006

Ready For Some Football

"The Steelers kick off the NFL season tonight against the Miami Dolphins. It's the first real game since they won the Super Bowl in February. I'm pretty excited about it."

Ready for Some Football

"I mean, I was a Steelers fan before I was born, but I have never even seen a game! That all changes tonight, though."

"Of course, 8:30pm is past my bed time, so I may have to wait until next week to actually see them play."

"If the parent people would let me have the remote, I would already be watching pre-game coverage. I've been practicing waving my terrible towel and singing the "Here We Go" song.

I'm ready for some football!

How about you?"

1 comment:

  1. You WERE ready for some football--and so were your Steelers. You look like you are getting that sitting thing down, too. Pretty soon you will be able to swing the towel all by yourself. Maybe when you get bigger, cousins Donovan and Jackson will let you borrow their helmet. Your Steelers' shirt is awesome. Go Evelyn! Go Steelers!!