Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Evelyn is six months old today! We were going to celebrate by giving her half of a piece of cake, but the only solid food she's had so far is rice cereal. She seems to like it, but trust us - it doesn't taste very good.

Looking Over Her Shoulder

Evy heads back to the doctor for her checkup (and more shots) on Thursday. We also need to get her six month picture taken. Hopefully that process will be finished before it's time to eat her real birthday cake...


  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you......... Only half the song for a half birthday. I see some of the flyaway hair is still around-she hasn't lost her trademark! She looks like a little person--the baby look is fading! Good luck at the doctor's office-shots aren't much fun for anyone.

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Evy,
    Happy Birthday to you
    The other half-from the other half
    Looking pretty grown up-how time flies!

  3. The pics are done!!! yay! And it didn't take 7 hours, much closer to seven minutes!!!