Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back To Basics

The Steelers finally got back on track with a win last week, and we think it was because of Evy's refresher course in football basics. Here's a recap of the the important skills she covered:

1. Stretching for the last yard to get to the goal line
Diving for the End Zone

2. Diving on a fumble (instead of trying to pick the ball up and run with it)

Fumble Recovery

3. Becoming a media darling
Press Conference

4. Holding the ball for a field goal attempt

Field Goal Holder

As for #4, if Jeff Reed actually tried to kick the ball we're pretty sure that Evy would pull it away at the last second (think Lucy as the holder for a Charlie Brown kick).

She's solid on the first three though.


  1. Aww my goodness she's adorable!!! She looks like *such* a happy baby.

  2. Big Ben learned the part about lying on the ground well! Evelyn will have to teach the offensive line how to block better so he can pass the ball instead of being buried. Adorable pictures. She looks like she was having a blast!

  3. Maybe the Misfits could use some of Evy's talents. The number one point scoring team in the league is looking for a golden child. hee hee... I'll see if the external consultant can free up a roster spot!

    love ya!

  4. She makes me smile more than a Steeler's win... And she's a million times cuter than the other players.

    I can definetly see her pulling a Lucy!