Tuesday, October 31, 2006

First Halloween

Evy got her first taste of Halloween tonight and we think she liked it. Well, at least she played along. She dressed up as a ladybug, complete with wings and antennae. And she kept her costume on from the start of trick-or-treating all the way until bedtime.

Normally we would be frightened by a 14 pound insect crawling around in our living room, but in this case it was pretty cute.

Ladybug on the Floor

Then, she found the big bowl of candy. We didn't know ladybugs liked 100 Grand bars.

Bug Food

After enjoying some crunchy chocolate and soft, chewy caramel, we're not sure she'll ever go back to little jars of peas and sweet potatoes.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Cutest lady bug I've ever seen!

    Happy Halloween!

    -love aunt jul

  2. Adorable!!!! Ladybugs are helpful, friendly critters, but I guess a 14 pound one would concern me a bit! Just wait until she REALLY figures out what candy tastes like. Next year's Halloween will be a little different. She will want to be on the "receiving end" instead of the "passing out" end.

  3. I must say, that is a very cute Halloween outfit, do they make those for BIG KIDS?? Looks like fun :)

  4. How CUTE! I had to dress up as captain hook and the kitten got to be tinkerbell. The little ones always get the cuter costumes!

    I can't believe she kept it on!