Saturday, November 11, 2006

Baby Rotisserie

Dear Pampers,

Don't get us wrong. We like your diapers. The Absorb Away Liner® is top-notch, the stretchy sides do move with the baby and the Sesame Street characters are cute. However, we have one suggestion as to how you can improve your product.

Please come up with a way to secure the diaper from any direction and at any angle. As you can see from the attached pictures there is no such thing as an easy diaper change of our "active" 8-month old. The moment Evelyn hits the changing table she begins what we call the "Baby Rotisserie" - a nonstop twisting and turning. You can imagine how difficult it is to unattach and reattach a diaper with this constant motion.

Baby Rotisserie

Diaper Caddy

We try to distract her with a book or a toy.

Book Distraction

But this works for only a few seconds and she is right back to spinning.

Almost Finished

We feel a multi-latch system would greatly improve our lives. Should you need a field tester to demonstrate the product's feasibility in extreme diapering conditions, contact us about Evelyn's availability.
Finally Done

Thank you and good luck.


Evy's parents


  1. I think a multi-fastening seatbelt and harness would be a good idea. One like she has in her high chair. That way, her shoulders and chest would be belted, and you could still change her diaper. Or--you could work on potty training. But she wouldn't sit still on that, either. Bad idea. Guess you have to keep chasing. Good luck! (Cute pictures, anyhow!)

  2. Maybe being a "baby rotisserie" is a genetic trait because Evy's cousin Hannah was also a pro at this. The wiggly during a changing or dressing didn't stop until Hannah's changing table was gone (passed on to Ben). So, good luck!