Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween! Evelyn actually started her celebration on Wednesday at the library. She wore her costume to storytime which was followed by trick-or-treating throughout the building.

Indoor Trick-or-Treat

Last night Evy helped clean out her pumpkin to get it ready for carving. She thought it was "ooey and gooey," but that didn't stop her from playing with the pile of pumpkin guts.
Pumpkin Guts

All of those things were in preparation for tonight's main event - trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.
This Way to Candy

Evelyn almost doubled her house total from last year, making seven stops for goodies. That took a lot more time and effort than you might think.
Tired Turtle

Once we got back to the house she had a great time handing out candy, sipping apple cider and chatting with just about everyone. By the end of the evening it was starting to get cold, but Evy refused to put on a sweater.

"Turtles don't wear sweaters," she said.

They don't eat Kit Kats either. Lucky for me.


  1. 7 houses! I went to about 16 houses!
    From the DeWitt family

  2. Looks like you had alot of fun, and did your momma roast the pumpkin seeds for you? they're yummy!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Marcia

  3. Absolutely adorable! Logan did a good job, but decided he was done after an hour. He played soccer, and kicked field goals for the last hour...when he wasn't helping me hand out candy.

  4. What an adorable turtle! I am surprised they let turtles into the library, but it is warm there, and turtles like to stay warm. I bet turtles like to eat candy, too. Maybe Mom will let you try out some of the Kit Kat bars! Good luck! Grandma C.