Sunday, October 12, 2008

Zoo II: People Everywhere

It looked like today might be the last nice Sunday of the year, so we decided to go to the zoo. (And the Steelers are on a bye this week). Apparently everyone else in Pittsburgh had the same idea.

It was also free admission day. We didn't find this out until we arrived at the gate. We should have known something was up while we were sitting in 40 minutes of traffic. Either way, there were many more people than animals there today.
Welcome to the Zoo

The zoo has two new baby elephants. We were lucky to enough to see one of them. It's the small one.

Elephant Family

Just like last year, Evelyn posed on the giant turtle.
Turtle Seat

And waved to the sea lions.

Sea Lions Silhouette

We had fun despite the crowds. Evy got to see the lions and penguins, which is all she really wanted to do.

I wonder what the animals thought about so many people walking around, staring at them. I guess it gave them something to look at, too.

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