Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big Little People

Evelyn has a lot of fun with her Fisher-Price® Little People® Animal Sounds Farm™. Her favorite animal is the lamb (baa!), but since it can't drive the truck or the tractor she also plays with the actual little people.

Eddie & Sonya Lee

In this adventure, Eddie™ and Sonya Lee™ are the main characters in the ongoing farm drama. They have already escaped the storage box earthquake only to (repeatedly) fall into the silo. Luckily, Evy™ is there to scoop them to safety using the trapped door and her massive size advantage.
Little Little People

This past weekend Evelyn got to meet gigantic versions of Eddie™ and Sonya Lee™. They were visiting a local department store as part of a promotional event. We weren't sure how she would react to suddenly becoming the smallest member of this playgroup.
Big Little People

She actually handled it really well. After a minute of study she started trying to play with the big Little People. In fact, before we left she had to give each of them a hug and a kiss. And a big "bye-bye."

She had quite a story to tell her little friends when she got home.


  1. I am amazed Evy let you get so close to the Little People. I would think she'd be terrified of them! I'm glad she likes to play with her farm. It was a favorite of her cousins as well. Their animals liked to trade places all the time, but I bet the cow didn't like being on top of the barn. And in their world, the sheep CAN drive the tractor! Happy farming.

  2. I'm sorry? Eddie is trademarked and Sonja Lee is restricted? Does this mean that if I name my next son Eddie that Fisher Price will be sending me a court summons (ala the RIAA)? What about Eddie Murphy? Or Sonja Lee (who, according to IMDB starred in a 1986 film titled "Busted Up" that I'm sure is a cinematic classic)? Will Fisher Price be suing them? Can they really trademark or restrict a name? I mean, I could understand "Buzz Lightyear" or "Lightning McQueen" being copyright protected, but Eddie, Sonja Lee, Sara Lynn, Michael, and Maggie seem a bit of a stretch.

  3. I can't believe Evy got to see the "Big" little people. That's awesome. Landon loves his farm - especially chewing on the cow's head.