Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Tough Week

At her one year check-up last Wednesday, Evelyn was a perfectly healthy 18 pound 3 ounce, 29 inch tall kid. What a difference a week makes.

Evy began her first week as a one year old by starting to cut another bottom tooth. She was a little cranky and was biting everything. We hoped her stuffy nose might also be a part of that, but over the weekend it turned into a cold and then a full fledged double ear infection. A return trip to the pediatrician got her a prescription for an antibiotic. Unfortunately for Evelyn, Amoxicillan leads to nasty diapers which lead to even nastier diaper rash.

To top it all off, tonight Evy had her first trip to the Emergency Room. After her bath a very slippery kid tried to wiggle off her changing table. Her escape was foiled by the decorative top edging of the table when it got in the way of her head. Because of the swelling and proximity to her eye, and after talking to the pediatrician (for the third time this week), we headed out to the hospital.

The ER nurse and doctor were great. They checked out Evy's cut and determined that no glue or stitches were necessary, and they didn't even laugh at us for being paranoid first time parents and bringing her in. At least not in front of us anyway. They said her cut will heal on its own and sent us home with the same 20% off coupon I was given during my ordeal at the same hospital.

Evy's Cut

As a side note - Evelyn is very happy to show you how old she is now. Just ask her and she shoots up her index finger like a cowboy taking his gun from a holster. If she's excited you might even get both fingers.

Double Ones

Hopefully her second week as a one year old will be better than her first. If not, it's going to be a long year.


  1. What a great profile shot. If you put a little makeup on the cut, it would look like she just has eye shadow on! Let's hope she got a whole month's worth of trouble over in just a week. It has to get better for her! Be careful. She hasn't started walking yet.When that happens,get ready for some more boo-boos. The fun has just begun!

  2. Poor Baby...but the cut doesn't look so bad. And thankfully, no stitches.

    She's tiny like Landon (at least in the weight department.) Hope she's feeling better this week.

    Happy Birthday Evy!!