Sunday, March 4, 2007


Evelyn has been doing some pretty interesting things lately. She can make animal noises, show you where her belly is and eat an entire waffle in no time at all.

She has also decided to remodel the kitchen.
Painting Help

Evy never liked the wallpaper in there, so that came down first. She chose a nice bright shade of yellow for the walls and installed (with some help) a new laminate floor. There is still some work to do - but overall we think she did well for her first try.

We think it is great that she wants to help out around the house. And we still have a couple of months to teach her how to mow the lawn.


  1. What a BIG help! I see she is also wearing her Daniels T-shirt. All the better to paint in, my dear. After she masters your lawn, send her to Grandma and DoDad's house. There is Plenty of grass to mow there! Happy painting!

  2. That floor looks AWESOME. Oh, and Evy's pretty cute too.