Monday, March 12, 2007


Evelyn turned one today!

She celebrated by having her first taste of cake. The "Birthday Princess" was a little hesitant at first...
Icing Test

But after a couple licks of icing, she decided it was tasty and kept on going.
1st Birthday Smile

Before we knew it, Evy had devoured the entire top of her cake.

Smashed Cake


After a half roll of paper towels she was clean enough to get back to presents and playing. And taking some snapshots.
Taking a Shot

I guess it's only fair, being that we took 163 pictures of her during the birthday weekend.

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  1. Happy Birthday, big girl! You were so neat with the cake, it wasn't hard to clean you up at all. We were very impressed that you kept the birthday hat on for so long. You must have liked the singing. Now Mommy will have to bake you a cake every week so you remember what it tastes like! Have fun with your new birthday toys. We had a great weekend. Thanks for having us. Did Jackson show you how to take pictures? He is pretty good at it! Love, Grandma C.